SUNDAY, 2PM – Let’s Get Together! – Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Meeting

Friends and neighbors are gathering this Sunday, May 1, at 2pm.

The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association is off the ground, and is holding its first public meeting.  We’re spreading the word, to encourage every energetic resident of Downtown Pasadena to get involved.  We love Pasadena, and want to make it even better!

Where: Bang & Olufson, 169 West Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105 (map)

Who are we?

We are the folks who LIVE in downtown Pasadena.  We are renters. We are owners. We are Businessowners and stakeholders.  We are people of all sorts, with an interest in Downtown Pasadena.

What do we mean by “Downtown Pasadena”?

We’re still getting acquainted, meeting new people, and defining ourselves, but so far, we think of the boundaries of Downtown Pasadena as, roughly, the 210 freeway (north), Catalina Ave (east), California Blvd (south), and Pasadena Ave (west).

Why do we need an Association?

Life in Downtown Pasadena is different than other parts of our city. Our neighborhood is more urban, more dense, and more walkable than anywhere else in Pasadena.  Therefore, our needs and desires are different.  Other Pasadena neighborhoods have formed associations to advocate for their interests, but up until this point, Downtown has not had a voice to speak up for our needs and desires. That changes now.  Plus, why be a stranger? This is a great way to meet the people that you live with.

What kinds of things will we accomplish? What are our goals?

That’s still up for discussion.  We’re still talking amongst ourselves, sharing our concerns, and listening to opinions. So far, a few common themes have emerged (see our working mission statement), but those will change and be refined as we hear new voices.

All residents of Downtown Pasadena are welcome and encouraged to attend and invite their neighbors. Parking is metered on the street, or there is $5 parking at the lot on Pasadena Ave, or you can WALK there, because this is Downtown Pasadena!!

Please, join us!!