Pasadena Redistricting – Four Districts for Downtown?

Downtown Pasadena is split into FOUR council districts.

Pasadena is geographically divided into seven districts, with one council member for each. The 2010 census forces Pasadena to re-draw the lines for each district.

The DPNA is interested in how Downtown Pasadena is represented.  Currently, our neighborhood is split into FOUR Districts. This raises a number of questions that will be worth considering in the months ahead:

  1. Do our elected representatives and city staff recognize Downtown Pasadena as a distinct neighborhood?
  2. Are there distinct sub-neighborhoods within Downtown Pasadena that would justify current or alternative boundary lines?
  3. If not, is there a compelling governmental interest that justifies splitting the Downtown Pasadena neighborhood?
  4. How does the distinction between residents of single-family dwellings vs. residents of  multi-family dwellings (apartments/condos) factor into the boundary lines? How should it?
  5. Are there relevant demographic and lifestyle characteristics of Downtown Residents that are substantially different from other Pasadena residents?  Do Downtown Residents, who live in high-density apartments and condos, have different values and needs compared to low-density suburban residents?
  6. If so, do the current boundaries unfairly dilute the voting power of Downtown Residents?

The current council appointed a special redistricting commission, who will meet twice a month, discuss, and then recommend new boundary lines for the City Council districts.  We hope the commission will consider and address the above questions. Join us as we attend the commission meetings and participate in conversation.

Access meeting schedules and more information at:

Downtown Pasadena--shown in red. Click the image to explore an interactive Google map