Pasadena and the 710 Freeway Extension

October Monthly Meeting–How the 710 Tunnel Option would impact Pasadena: a special presentation

Join us for our regular “Third Thursday” members meeting on October 18th for a special presentation on the 710 Freeway Extension.

A Powerpoint presentation will be delivered by John Shaffer that will discuss:

  • Impacts to regional traffic congestion
  • Short and  long-term air quality impacts
  • Construction processes
  • Light rail alternatives

John Shaffer is a 22-year resident of Pasadena.  He and his wife Monica co-chair the 710 Committee of the San Rafael Neighborhoods Association, the area of Pasadena west of the Arroyo and south of the 134 Freeway.  Although Metro and Caltrans are no longer considering building the 710 freeway into the San Rafael area, John and his neighborhood association continue to oppose the extension of the 710 into any Pasadena neighborhood, whether as a tunnel or a surface freeway.

Metro’s community outreach program is on Facebook.  Because no decision has been made, it would be premature for Metro to advocate for a particular outcome. However, Metro has been invited to send a representative to discuss the process and provide information (current status: unconfirmed).

An upcoming vote by the Metro board in December will be key to the outcome.  Pasadena’s representatives and other decision-makers on the Metro Board include:

Master System Map: Los Angeles County highway system showing “Built” highways (blue-grey) and “Not Built” highways (orange).

Our Next Meeting

The 710 Freeway Extension

A Special Presentation

Please attend the October “Third Thursday” meeting of the DPNA

  • Third Thursday, October 18th, 6:30pm
  • Pasadena Presbyterian Church, the Gamble Lounge

Contact the DPNA: CLICK HERE or call (626) 539-3762

About the DPNA:

The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association  is the voice of the residents of the Central District of Pasadena, California.

We meet monthly on the Third Thursday at 6:30pm in the Gamble Lounge of Pasadena Presbyterian Church at 585 E Colorado Blvd.

The DPNA promotes a walkable urban lifestyle in a city that is vibrant with thriving businesses, excellent arts, good government, and active public spaces.

The DPNA advocates for urban parks, wider sidewalks, pedestrian-biased street design, bike lanes, trees & shrubbery, mixed-use & transit-oriented development, enduring architecture, a streetcar, and other amenities that improve life for residents of an urban city center.

Downtown Pasadena is defined roughly as the 210 freeway (north), Catalina Ave (east), California Blvd (south), and Pasadena Ave (west).

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