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New parks need to be planned for the future growth and development of Pasadena’s downtown, Council instructs staff


“Pasadena’s General Plan directs where growth & development will occur… New parks need to be planned in anticipation.” Good News! In October 2015, City Council agreed with the DPNA and gave direction to staff… Continue reading

Economic Vitality IS Quality of Life


Jobs (Economic Vitality) and Transportation (Walkability) are Big Issues at Candidate Forum The March 5th primary election is fast approaching that will likely decide who will represent District 3 on Pasadena’s City Council.… Continue reading

Pasadena’s Best Opportunities: South Fair Oaks and Downtown Infill


A Vision for Pasadena Pasadena’s General Plan sets goals for our city, and will guide the construction of new buildings (Land Use) and how we move around the city (Mobility) over the next… Continue reading

Climate Change and Pasadena’s General Plan: What Would It Take? The Carbon Neutral City


California and Pasadena are committed to “green” environmental policies. But a lot of the beneficial changes we’ve enacted––the bag ban, 10% renewable energy, green building codes, etc.––are a drop in the bucket compared… Continue reading

New York Times calls Pasadena a “Transforming Suburb”


Demographic Trends Make Walkable Urban Neighborhoods More Desirable Pasadena real estate will continue to hold value if the city continues support for higher-density mixed-use developments with good transit and pedestrian connections. A recent… Continue reading

Leading Urbanist to Present Talk about “The Future of Placemaking in Economic Development …and How This Has Particular Meaning for Downtown Pasadena”


The Playhouse & Old Pasadena Management Associations will present a very special discussion with Christopher Leinberger. He will present “The Future of Placemaking in Economic Development …and How This Has Particular Meaning for… Continue reading

Downtown Residents Support Pro-Growth General Plan – B&C


“Economic Vitality” and “Smart Growth” options provide the best quality of life in the decades ahead. Disagreement about Growth. Pasadena’s General Plan will guide public policy regarding Land Use and Mobility until the year… Continue reading

June 15th Meeting, 6:30 pm


2 of the 4 General Plan Alternatives that are being presented to Pasadena residents will cap growth in Downtown Pasadena.   Many Downtown residents appreciate the growth and revitalization that have occurred in the past… Continue reading

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