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Stefanos Polyzoides on “Form-Based Codes”


June 14th: Noted Architect & Urbanist to discuss ideas for a Livable Pasadena How do you envision the future of Downtown Pasadena? Thoughtful development that preserves and protects our historic, architectural, and cultural… Continue reading

Climate Change and Pasadena’s General Plan: What Would It Take? The Carbon Neutral City


California and Pasadena are committed to “green” environmental policies. But a lot of the beneficial changes we’ve enacted––the bag ban, 10% renewable energy, green building codes, etc.––are a drop in the bucket compared… Continue reading

New York Times calls Pasadena a “Transforming Suburb”


Demographic Trends Make Walkable Urban Neighborhoods More Desirable Pasadena real estate will continue to hold value if the city continues support for higher-density mixed-use developments with good transit and pedestrian connections. A recent… Continue reading

Leading Urbanist to Present Talk about “The Future of Placemaking in Economic Development …and How This Has Particular Meaning for Downtown Pasadena”


The Playhouse & Old Pasadena Management Associations will present a very special discussion with Christopher Leinberger. He will present “The Future of Placemaking in Economic Development …and How This Has Particular Meaning for… Continue reading

A Downtown Pioneer’s 10-Toe Express


Marsha Rood’s personal account of her move to Downtown Pasadena. “BECOMING HUMAN IN THE CITY” More people are on the way.  Sustainability is a necessity.  The population is getting older with many wanting… Continue reading

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