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Good News about Playhouse Park


Pasadena’s City Council has approved a new park in the Playhouse District of Downtown Pasadena, located behind Vroman’s Bookstore at El Molino & Union Streets. This park is funded by RIFs (Residential Impact Fees) which is charged to new apartment and condo buildings.

New parks need to be planned for the future growth and development of Pasadena’s downtown, Council instructs staff


“Pasadena’s General Plan directs where growth & development will occur… New parks need to be planned in anticipation.” Good News! In October 2015, City Council agreed with the DPNA and gave direction to staff… Continue reading

ONE Council District for Downtown Pasadena


Downtown Residents Demand to be Better Represented. A letter to Pasadena’s City Council and the Redistricting Task Force. To:  Mayor Bill Bogaard, Pasadena City Council: Jackie Robinson, Margaret McAustin, Chris Holden, Gene Masuda, Victor Gordo,… Continue reading

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