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New Parks and the Misuse of Residential Impact Fees


A Response to Redistricting: Council called on to demonstrate the support they offered during the redistricting process by acting to create Downtown parks, implement pedestrian & bike infrastructure. Video: Council should Lead towards… Continue reading

Video: DPNA asks City Council to reconsider district boundaries


4-way split of Downtown Pasadena under-serves Downtown residents Video of the DPNA’s request + response from the Mayor and Councilmembers The DPNA submitted a letter to the council, and attended the April 2nd City… Continue reading

Letter to the Pasadena Redistricting Task Force Requesting a Consolidated City Council District for Downtown Pasadena Residents


Sent on March 7, 2012 Dear Redistricting Task Force Members and Pasadena City Council Members: I am writing to ask you to recommend the consolidation of downtown Pasadena into one district with its… Continue reading

ONE Council District for Downtown Pasadena


Downtown Residents Demand to be Better Represented. A letter to Pasadena’s City Council and the Redistricting Task Force. To:  Mayor Bill Bogaard, Pasadena City Council: Jackie Robinson, Margaret McAustin, Chris Holden, Gene Masuda, Victor Gordo,… Continue reading

Pasadena Redistricting – Four Districts for Downtown?


Pasadena is geographically divided into seven districts, with one council member for each. The 2010 census forces Pasadena to re-draw the lines for each district. The DPNA is interested in how Downtown Pasadena is represented.  Currently, our neighborhood is… Continue reading

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