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DPNA convenes “Complete Streets Forum” in response to cyclist’s death


Complete Streets Advocacy Group is Formed An Action Plan for improving the safety and livability of our streets. On MONDAY, July 1st, the DPNA hosted a coalition of Pasadena organizations to discuss “Complete… Continue reading

Personal Resolutions for the New Year


Originally posted on Boyonabike!:
On the one hand, I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions.  I mean, if you’re going to do something, why wait for New Year’s day to resolve to do…

Stefanos Polyzoides on “Form-Based Codes”


June 14th: Noted Architect & Urbanist to discuss ideas for a Livable Pasadena How do you envision the future of Downtown Pasadena? Thoughtful development that preserves and protects our historic, architectural, and cultural… Continue reading

Climate Change and Pasadena’s General Plan: What Would It Take? The Carbon Neutral City


California and Pasadena are committed to “green” environmental policies. But a lot of the beneficial changes we’ve enacted––the bag ban, 10% renewable energy, green building codes, etc.––are a drop in the bucket compared… Continue reading

New York Times calls Pasadena a “Transforming Suburb”


Demographic Trends Make Walkable Urban Neighborhoods More Desirable Pasadena real estate will continue to hold value if the city continues support for higher-density mixed-use developments with good transit and pedestrian connections. A recent… Continue reading

A Downtown Pioneer’s 10-Toe Express


Marsha Rood’s personal account of her move to Downtown Pasadena. “BECOMING HUMAN IN THE CITY” More people are on the way.  Sustainability is a necessity.  The population is getting older with many wanting… Continue reading

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