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“Past and Future of the Gold Line” – 2016 Annual Meeting


Ethan will discuss the recent history of the Gold Line and its prospective future, if Measure M, Los Angeles county’s transportation tax and master plan to build out a world-class, comprehensive transit network


How Should Pasadena Grow? A Strong Towns Curbside Chat about “Productive” vs “Unproductive” Growth in American Cities


What are the financial realities facing America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods? The financial productivity of our places. This stunning presentation is a game-changer for communities looking to grow more resilient and obtain true… Continue reading

New parks need to be planned for the future growth and development of Pasadena’s downtown, Council instructs staff


“Pasadena’s General Plan directs where growth & development will occur… New parks need to be planned in anticipation.” Good News! In October 2015, City Council agreed with the DPNA and gave direction to staff… Continue reading

Will Pasadena’s New Mayor be Terry Tornek or Jacque Robinson?


Election for Mayor of Pasadena The Primary Municipal Election was held on March 10, 2015. Six Candidates competed, Jason Hardin, Don Morgan, Jacque Robinson, Allen Shay, Bill Thomson, and Terry Tornek. Jacque Robinson and Terry Tornek won the primary, at 30.7% for… Continue reading

Guiding Architecture in Pasadena


Guiding Architecture in Pasadena

Pasadena’s quality of life and character are an inspiration to many and a key to the City’s future economic vitality. A delicate balance must be struck in providing a predictable, efficient development process with the need to preserve and enhance our City’s historic architecture and unique place.

What tools are available to guide new architecture toward achieving this balance?

John will discuss some approaches using examples–including several projects as they came in to and out of Pasadena’s design review process.

Election for Pasadena Mayor: DPNA Candidate Forum


Mayoral Candidates Forum A chance for Pasadena voters to meet and compare the candidates who are vying to replace Bill Bogaard as Pasadena’s next mayor. Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 6pm Who’s Running? Jason Hardin, Magazine… Continue reading

Save the Date #2: “Designing the Ditch” – Connecting Pasadena (CPP) Visioning Workshop


NEW STORIES.  50 years ago, the state seized a gigantic swath of valuable land in the center of Pasadena, and demolished thousands of people’s property in order to build the planned extension of… Continue reading

DPNA: 1st Draft of Parsons Project is too Suburban, Turns its Back on Fair Oaks, Skirts Regulations


 [UPDATE: As of Nov 2014, the plans for this project have been significantly improved to respond to our critique, below, which was echoed by a host of other Pasadena organizations and commissions.  We… Continue reading

Growing Our Organization


The DPNA is Moving into a New Phase Reaching to Meet Our Goals The Month of September was the deadline we gave ourselves. Here’s what we need to accomplish: Complete the DPNA Bylaws. (Important for our… Continue reading

Pasadena Bike Plan gets Major Boost


Protected & Separated Bike Lanes are asked to be added to plan. City Council Subcommittee asks staff to add protected/separated bike lanes to the plan, make it “more ambitious.” Current conditions are widely… Continue reading

DPNA convenes “Complete Streets Forum” in response to cyclist’s death


Complete Streets Advocacy Group is Formed An Action Plan for improving the safety and livability of our streets. On MONDAY, July 1st, the DPNA hosted a coalition of Pasadena organizations to discuss “Complete… Continue reading

New Wireless Streetcar technology would be compatible with Rose Parade floats


Route for Pasadena’s Streetcar could include Colorado Blvd. Cities across the US are realizing the benefits of easy “Hop-on, Hop-off” trams. This video shows a new solution by the Canadian aerospace/train/streetcar manufacturer, Bombardier,… Continue reading

District 3 Candidate Forum


Benson, Kennedy, & Trone vie to represent Downtown & Northwest Pasadena March 5th primary election may determine Councilman for District 3 If no candidate receives a majority, then the top two candidates will… Continue reading

Rose Parade Floats are a celebration of Southern California


WHY WE LOVE PASADENA SoCal Cities are highlight of parade Pasadena’s annual New Year’s celebration, the world-famous Rose Parade, gave its founders the opportunity to bask in Pasadena’s crisp sunshine, green hills, and… Continue reading

Pasadena’s Best Opportunities: South Fair Oaks and Downtown Infill


A Vision for Pasadena Pasadena’s General Plan sets goals for our city, and will guide the construction of new buildings (Land Use) and how we move around the city (Mobility) over the next… Continue reading

Stefanos Polyzoides on “Form-Based Codes”


June 14th: Noted Architect & Urbanist to discuss ideas for a Livable Pasadena How do you envision the future of Downtown Pasadena? Thoughtful development that preserves and protects our historic, architectural, and cultural… Continue reading

New Parks and the Misuse of Residential Impact Fees


A Response to Redistricting: Council called on to demonstrate the support they offered during the redistricting process by acting to create Downtown parks, implement pedestrian & bike infrastructure. Video: Council should Lead towards… Continue reading

Letter to the Pasadena Redistricting Task Force Requesting a Consolidated City Council District for Downtown Pasadena Residents


Sent on March 7, 2012 Dear Redistricting Task Force Members and Pasadena City Council Members: I am writing to ask you to recommend the consolidation of downtown Pasadena into one district with its… Continue reading

New York Times calls Pasadena a “Transforming Suburb”


Demographic Trends Make Walkable Urban Neighborhoods More Desirable Pasadena real estate will continue to hold value if the city continues support for higher-density mixed-use developments with good transit and pedestrian connections. A recent… Continue reading

Workshop Series: A New Urban Park in Playhouse District


Please consider attending this fun and engaging workshop tomorrow (Thursday evening) where anyone interested in the future urban park planned for Union/El Molino in the Playhouse District will be able to brainstorm and shoot out… Continue reading

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