Growing Our Organization

The DPNA is Moving into a New Phase

View of Downtown Pasadena from the Art Center College of Design

View of Downtown Pasadena from the Art Center College of Design

Reaching to Meet Our Goals

The Month of September was the deadline we gave ourselves.

Here’s what we need to accomplish:

  1. Complete the DPNA Bylaws. (Important for our organizational growth).
  2. Elect a new Board of Directors. (The current board has served about 16 months).
  3. Set a 3-year strategic plan.

Plus, a few extra items arose.

  1. Complete Streets Coalition.
  2. Pasadena Heritage’s Semes Lecture (which conflicts with our regular meeting time).

The Jim Plotkin Award is presented to the DPNA Board of Directors (partial) in June of 2013. The Jim Plotkin Award is given by the Old Pasadena Management District “In recognition of their pursuit of excellent for Old Pasadena.”

We’ve been working on the Bylaws for quite some time (they sound tedious and boring but actually provoke a lot of interest and discussion).  It’s important to get them right, and it’s also important that they have broad formation and agreement.  The election of the Board of Directors should follow the process set in the new bylaws.


  1. Special BYLAWS meetings, Monday, Aug 26th at 6:30pm. PPC Gamble Lounge.  EDIT: A SECOND MEETING HAS BEEN ADDED TO CONTINUE WORK: Thurs Sep 5, 2013 6:30pm – 8:30pm Caltech Athenaeum, 551 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA

  2. Strategy World Café to set a 3-Year Strategic Plan: Saturday Sept 7th, 9am-noon.  PPC Gamble Lounge.

  3. Rescheduled September DPNA Meeting to finalize bylaws and elect a new slate of directors: Thursday Sept 12, 6:30pm. PPC Gamble Lounge.

  4. Pasadena Heritage Semes Lecture: Thursday, Sept 19th, 7pm. Central Library.

1.  Special Bylaws Meeting

Setting the “rules” for elections, handling of monies, etc.

This  Monday, Aug 26th,  6:30pm, Pasadena Presbyterian, Gamble Lounge


Thurs Sept 5, 2013 6:30pm – 8:30pm 

Caltech Athenaeum, 551 South Hill Avenue, Pasadena, CA

Constitution Hall in Boston. Photo courtesy of Flikr user idntfd

We will spend the entire time of this special ‘extra’ meeting focused on the bylaws, and we’ll get into the details by reading through a sample document.

To view the draft bylaws and add your comments, go to: DPNA Bylaws–Google Drive

2. Strategy World Café

Setting a three-year plan for the DPNA

Saturday, Sept 7th, 9am-12pm. Pasadena Presbyterian, Gamble Lounge

How can we make the greatest difference?

Our moderator will guide us through conversations at café table, and we will collectively brainstorm and settle on a plan to follow.

Light snacks to set the mood, and then at noon, we’ll walk to El Portal for lunch!

What is most important to you about Downtown Pasadena?

What should our organization concentrate on accomplishing?

How can we be most effective?

The DPNA is your organization: Help set the 3-Year Strategic Plan

A Special “World Café” Event

Continental Breakfast

Afterwards, we’ll walk to LUNCH at:
El Portal Yucatan Mexican Restaurant Pasadena CA


 Special Fixed Price menu:
  • Choice of: Compbo Plate, Carnitas, or Salad
  • Soft Drink
  • Tax included

3. Elections for Board of Directors and Adoption of the Bylaws

DPNA Holiday celebration, Dec 2012--DPNA Board of Directors (Partial).

DPNA Holiday celebration, Dec 2012–DPNA Board of Directors (Partial).

Re-Scheduled September Meeting

We will not meet on the third Thursday, as normal, but will move to second Thursday instead.

Thursday, Sept 12th, 6:30-8:30pm. Pasadena Presbyterian, Gamble Lounge

We’ll cast a vote to adopt the Bylaws (as formed at the Aug 26th and Sept 5th meetings and subsequent emails/postings);

To view the draft bylaws and add your comments, go to: DPNA Bylaws–Google Drive

We will then elect a new Board of Directors.

This notice was originally distributed via email on 8/22/2013:

Click to view the ballot for the DPNA Board of Directors election

Click to view the ballot for the DPNA Board of Directors election




The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association (DPNA) is the voice of the residents of the Central District of Pasadena, California.

The DPNA promotes a walkable urban lifestyle in a city that is vibrant with thriving businesses, excellent arts, good government, and active public spaces.

The DPNA advocates for urban parks, wider sidewalks, pedestrian-biased street design, bike lanes, trees & shrubbery, mixed-use & transit-oriented development, enduring architecture, a streetcar, and other amenities that improve life for residents of an urban city center.

Downtown Pasadena is defined roughly as the 210 freeway (north), Catalina Ave (east), California Blvd (south), and Pasadena Ave (west).

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