Hello Pasadena, We’re the D.P.N.A.

If that doesn’t just trip off the tongue, I don’t know what does!

The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association held its second meeting this Sunday at Bang & Olufson.  If you didn’t get a invitation by email, please contact me, and we’ll add you to the email list.

Here’s a brief report from Sunday’s meeting:

Our big action item is THIS TUESDAY, APRIL 5 at 7PM.  The City of Pasadena is holding a Town Hall Meeting to discuss issues, take questions, and most importantly to introduce Pasadena’s new Planning Director.

We plan to attend the meeting as a group.

Our message:

1. There are now a LOT of residents who live in the Central District.

2. Downtown Residents live here because we like urban living.

3. Downtown Residents want to see progress, development, and vitalization continue.

4. The DPNA has been formed to advocate for that progress, for walkability, for urban living, for us!

Meeting details:
Tuesday, April 5, at 7 p.m. in the library at
McKinley School
325 S. Oak Knoll Ave. 91101

Pasadena City Councilman Terry Tornek will host the town hall meeting. Tornek will discuss current city issues, followed by a question-and-answer session. Vince Bertoni, director of the Pasadena Planning Department, will be a special guest. The meeting is not limited to District 7 residents.  The library entrance is at the south end of the school.

So, we hope to see you this Tuesday night!  Contact me for more details if you’d like to participate.

Other details of Sunday’s DPNA meeting:

We watched a documentary video about the city of Portland’s new streetcar.  It was very exciting (really!), so we’ll show it again at another meeting.

The City will present four different options for its’ revised General Plan at a series of meetings in June.  The General Plan governs land-use decisions and is where “the rubber meets the road” in terms of long-term, big-picture decisions that will last for decades.  It’s important that we show up to those meetings to advocate for the plan that best promotes a lively, vital downtown district.  To that end, we need to educate ourselves on the four plans that have been put forward, so that we can argue intelligently.  The website is: http://ww2.cityofpasadena.net/publicaffairs/General%20plan/Gen_Plan_learn.asp

We set our next two DPNA meetings for:

Sunday, May 1, at 2pm, at Bang & Olufson (Green St/Pasadena Ave – 169 West Green Street, Pasadena, CA 91105)

Sunday, May 22, at 4pm (tentative), at Bang & Olufson