What is Form-Based Code?

Form-Based Code is an alternative to the type of zoning that Pasadena and most cities currently use.

Form-Based Code is a way to pre-specify and pre-visualize the actual shapes–including styles, ingress/egress points, frontages, and siting–that future buildings will take.

Samples from the City of Cincinnati

Presentation showing photos & graphics of key concepts. CLICK HERE.

Complete Cincinnati resources here.

Samples from the City of Whittier

Architectural Style Guidelines.
More Whittier plans here.

Official Site: Form-Based Code Institute


A brief history of city planning and the pressing need for Form-Based Code

From American Frontier to Industrialization to the City Beautiful movement to modernism and post-WWII suburban sprawl to today. By Stefanos Polyzoides.

About the DPNA:

The Downtown Pasadena Neighborhood Association is the voice of the residents of the Central District of Pasadena, California.

We meet monthly on the Third Thursday at 6:30pm in the Gamble Lounge of Pasadena Presbyterian Church at 585 E Colorado Blvd.

The DPNA promotes a walkable urban lifestyle in a city that is vibrant with thriving businesses, excellent arts, good government, and active public spaces.

The DPNA advocates for urban parks, wider sidewalks, pedestrian-biased street design, bike lanes, trees & shrubbery, mixed-use & transit-oriented development, enduring architecture, a streetcar, and other amenities that improve life for residents of an urban city center.

Downtown Pasadena is defined roughly as the 210 freeway (north), Catalina Ave (east), California Blvd (south), and Pasadena Ave (west).

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